Corporate Photography

How we shoot it...

Industrial photography involves shooting a work place.

Here are some examples:

This was an industrial oven, so we fired a yellow flash inside the oven to give a sense of warmth

ind1 2

Some factories have a soft side

ind2 2

The brief was; "Something a bit different to the average mugshot"

We got busy with the studio lights.

ind3 2

We fired some studio lights from inside the machine to get this effect

ind4 2

This is a close-up of a water cooled grinding machine. It was a very wet enviornment.

We used a number portable flash units in zip-loc bags to light it.

ind5 2

We shoot office interiors in much the same way we shoot hotel interiors; we try to make them sparkle .

Before - no studio lighting

Industrial Photography

After - With studio lighting