Architectural Photography

How we shoot it

As a photographer it always helps to have an interest in your subject

Some examples

The obvious way to shoot this building was from the front lawn,
but we felt it was important to show this building in the context of its surroundings

We hiked out a considerable distance from this buiding and shot it with a long telephoto lens, It was the only way to show the hill behind it.

arc3 2

This was easy, beautiful building, beautiful day. It was just a matter of timing and positioning the camera in the right place

arc2 2

With old houses like this we tend to use less lighting tricks and focus more on the character of the space.

arc6 2

Just an amazing staircase, getting the camera into the right spot was the difficulty

arc5 2

Again, if there is no need for studio lights, we won't use them

arc4 2

Such a beautiful bridge, I hope we were able to show that

arc1 2